This is a review of "1/f" recorded by Immune. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2006.

Immune take classic rock music, fuck it up, screw it over, rip it apart and give you music unlike anything you’ll have ever heard.

When I listen to this their debut album, 1/f, I hear a multitude of bands that I love. Innovative, almost industrial bands that make dark, brooding heavy rock music and are susceptible to always trying something new. Breaking boundaries if you will.

I’m talking about the likes of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool. To even be compared to these bands when your making your first album is a special achievement. And Immune sound just like each and every one of these without ever really sounding like any of them. Does that make sense? No, didn’t think it would. But that’s what they do!

I’m writing this review with 1/f firmly plugged into my ears via my MP3 player. At various points I find myself pounding my feet rhythmically into the floor, thwacking the palm of my hand up and down on the table or nodding my head like an excited pigeon running for breadcrumbs in Trafalgar Square. This music makes me angry and I love it.

1/f is a unique and staggering piece of work. Most of the album is supremely and painfully haunting with slow build ups, melancholy chord and key changes and multiple layers of vocal tracks that make frontman Paul Tinsley sound like a paranoid computer crying out from its dying soul.

And every so often the drums will kick into my brain or the guitars will crash down like atom bombs and I’ll be lost in a fit of rock frenzy. And sometimes an instrument will bolt in, one I have no comprehension of what it could be, and I’ll wince because it’s so high pitched, painful, powerful and just wonderfully wonderfully awesome.

1/f is really very special. Really special. Now leave me hear on the floor clutching my ears. I may look in pain but this is music heaven.