This is a review of "s/t" recorded by The Minor Fall. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2006.

Considering this Leeds supergroup’s weight in their hometown since the release of this debut self-titled release, I almost didn’t dare review this in case I didn’t like it and they came and decked me. Thankfully, though, it’s pretty ace.

Admittedly, it took me a while. The production is a bit sloppy but I’m guessing that’s the point as everyone from The Get Up Kids to Pretty Girls Make Graves sounded this raw and sloppy on their débuts. Anyway, anyone who even slightly digs the whole mid-90s pop-emo thing is gonna really love this, me especially because it’s just about not too poppy and the discordance in the guitar hooks really makes The Minor Fall hint slightly at their hardcore roots (they feature members of D-Rail).

Standout track “This Ship Has Sunk” is all brooding build-ups and European-style emotional, strained shoutiness until it breaks into a lovely jazzy danceable groove, not unlike Braid, before soaring into a brilliant heart-on-sleeve singalong call to arms… fantastic. Elsewhere we have the ultra-jazzy “A Thousand Times” and the poppy as hell “After All” to name a couple of other record highlights.

Seriously, the way the word Emo has been misconstrued over the past couple of years, it’s a refreshing change to hear a band not afraid to actually be emotional on record and it seems that The Minor Fall are quickly being recognised as one of the few real bands actually wearing their hearts on their sleeves, great stuff.