This is a review of "Voltage" recorded by The Invention. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2006.

The Invention are a lovable bunch of lads armed with all the weapons a band needs to survive nowadays: a vocalist; guitarist; bassist; and drummer. The title-track is catchy sure, but I can't help thinking I've heard it all before. In the 80s it was pop; the 90s acid house; and today Indie rules. A fact The Invention need to act upon and fast. They have the songwriting skills and musicianship there, lying in waiting however perhaps it is the craftsmanship at fault here; for the essential ingredients are all there and now The Invention just need to find their niche like the Arctic Monkeys did, no-one had done it like that before. Getting it lads?

During the three-day recording session that resulted in this two-track EP maybe the band realised what I've just written with the second song 'Bloodshot': an apt enough title as the listening experience is quite painful in itself... however not quite in the way I had hoped. The guys go for a more dance-y sound, well when I say that they try to sound like The Cut and erm, fail. Music makes girls dance; but not when it's by The Invention. A dancefloor clearer undoubtedly.

I don't like being brutal; it isn't what I do so I shall end with some sound advice to The Invention: stop aspiring to sound like others in the same genre and find a niche of your own. This statement has been proven true by a little-known Sheffield outfit and well no-one alive ever says Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys now, do they?