This is an archive of the band profile for Go Ahead Backup!.

James McNamara - Guitar / Vocals
Emma Taylor - Vocals
Robert Taylor - Bass
Paul Stringer - Drums

Go Ahead Backup! are a 4 piece indie rock/pop band from Leeds. Formed at the end of 2005, the band have kick-started 2006 with a bang after recording a four track demo at Voltage Studios, Bradford, with the expert help of sound engineer and owner, Tim Walker, and then playing gigs in a number of Leeds venues with brilliant support from their fans.
The band have come along way since the early days of Starcraft after experimenting with various line ups and finally establishing their new sound with the perucssive force of Paul Stringer and the vocal talents of Emma Taylor.
2006 looks to be an exciting year for the band as they look to extend their experience with gigs outside of Leeds and a revisit to the studio at the end of the year to record new material..