This is an archive of the band profile for Mosaicist.

Leeds-based quartet Mosaicist infuse elements of Electronica and Modern Rock with stark lyrical attack and contemporary production techniques. Their distinctive cutting edge sound focuses on ensuring aural accessibility and wide commercial appeal.

The band which first emerged in 2002 was formed by writer/ producer Rob Davies (Guitar) based on his vision of a modern tech-edge sound that could be delivered live, alongside long-time collaborator Neil Atkinson (Drums) and Paul Haley (Bass).

Performing initially under the name ‘Candid’, the band played at numerous gigs and events, including the 2003 Bradford Fusion Awards where they were runners-up, leading to a slot at the city festival.

The band reinvented itself in early 2005, re-branding to better reflect the band's mosaic of sounds, taking time out to self-record and produce their first EP ‘The Shape Of Things’. Featuring a cross section of tracks from the band’s diverse repertoire, the EP was released in early 2006 to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and review features including international release Sound On Sound (SOS) magazine.

“It’s well played, well arranged and well recorded……” Sam Inglis – SOS

“The first thing that strikes you about Mosaicist is how professional the whole shebang is. The music is equally as polished with excellent production and a strong sound.” Owen Anthony – Sandman Magazine

With the arrival of new vocalist Vic Kitchin in mid 2007, the band is busy honing their sound through the recording of their follow-up EP and preparing to reach new audiences with a range of showcases gigs on the horizon.

A firm foundation of passion, talent, self-belief and strong internal infrastructure has enabled Mosaicist to develop a professional and compelling product and image.

Intelligent, accessible and uncompromising music for the masses!.