This is a review of "Follow Sue" recorded by O Fracas. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

The step up from GCSE Maths to A-level is notoriously difficult. Where as once formulas made sense there are suddenly new terms and symbols which at first glance turn everything on its head. This is a little like the feeling summoned up when hearing O Fracas for the first time after previously listening to standard 4/4 – verse / chorus / verse / chorus fare. The horribly coined “Math” rock may be applied; it would certainly suit the “more angles than a set square” approach. But as with complex Maths, it’s just a matter of sitting down and working it through until it clicks, in this case about ten plays should do it. Its not exactly catchy radio fodder, but beautiful for its mechanics all the same. Follow Sue is an agitated two and half minute playground wrestle with guitar and drums which uses dirty tricks like a Chinese burn or the odd scratch to win the battle. For those despairing of all things angular give this a wide arc as it is possibly the leader of the gang, but even you have to admire the sharp suit and fastidious attention to detail. B-side Tarn At Ten will require the working out to be written in the margin if it is to receive any more marks than a simple pass.