This is a review of "Giving Your Gifts" recorded by Buen Chico. The review was written by Darryl Tarling in 2006.

Buen Chico? Is this some kind of Latin dance band or something? That’s what I first thought when I read the name, but I was pleasantly surprised when I popped on the CD and heard what I would describe as feel good, easy indie. They would most likely fall into the same genre as bands such as The Kooks and The View.

Giving your Gifts is the first I have heard of the band and I thoroughly enjoyed the good mix of a catchy tune and equally as addictive lyrics, which let’s face it, are the main factors of a good song.

It’s always good when you put on a CD and can tell that the band are really enjoying recording the song and performing. This is one of those CDs. Buen Chico are not perfect but they show enough potential to have success in the mainstream if they put an album together with more songs of this quality.

I was hoping the B-side, “Drip, Drip, Tick, Tock“, would show me another side of the band but it is, although another quality song, very similar to the A-side.

I’d definitely consider going to see them at their upcoming gigs as I can see them doing bigger gigs somewhere down the road and this could be a very good chance to see them in intimate surroundings.