This is a review of "Wasted Youth" recorded by Solace. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Solace's accompanying letter tells me immediately a lot about what I should expect from this CD... I know, I know, never judge a book and all that but I just hope that if this goes to record companies they try some other tactic than scrawled biro. Solace have been together just over 3 months as the band they are now, but writing for over 12 months. They quote influences such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Dinosaur Junior and ?U2!! But you can forget all of that. What Solace actually provide is a peculiar mixture of new wave, indie and heavy metal. Does it work? Well it might, given time.

Opening track 'Wasted Youth' has a lot of good ideas about it and a lot of bad ones too. The rather wooden guitar riff kills all the promise of an opening understated bass line that actually got me listening. In fact it is this problem that happens time and again in all 3 songs, one idea cancelling out the other.

Track 2 'The Unspoken' is a lack less stab at moody indie and closing track 'Reaper Man' is equally as bland. The moments of promise the band occasionally display do however offer hope for the future. There is obviously no lack of ideas or ability in the Solace camp and technically the 3 musicians compliment one another perfectly. Listening to this first attempt you can't help feeling that is exactly what it is and if these songs are still being played by the band in a years time I will be surprised. I don't think my own bands songs in the first 3 months made it out of the rehearsal room and for good reason. Once again I find myself saying with a little objectivity and putting it together in the right order we will be able to take solace in Solace's future.