This is an archive of the band profile for The Paradimes.

The Paradimes were formed around the end of 2005 originally starting out with 3 members, Stuart Gibson on drums, Shaun McMonagle on bass guitar and Stephen OMalley on Guitar and Vocals. After kicking into shape a few songs as a three piece Mike Mcwean was invited to join in and add second guitar. The Paradimes practiced as a four piece for around five months developing their sound before setting out to play live. The Paradimes played a handful of well received gigs before choosing a couple of songs to demo. Two songs were recorded at Hall Place Recording Studios and, like the live performances, have been met with a favourable response from most. The Paradimes have clearly started to establish themselves as an entertaining live combo. Drawing upon years of varying influences they aspire to present a mix of bright vocal and guitar melody with the backdrop of a tight and dynamic rhythm section. The Paradimes are confident of developing both their live and recorded sound with future gigs and recordings already planned and anticipated What more do you need to know? Just have a look and have a listen..