This is a review of "Unicorn" recorded by WhoresWhoresWhores. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2006.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I think WhoresWhoresWhores have a convert here.

In no time at all the Leeds-based Screamo pioneers bluntly assert themselves to the listener with their trademark slightly off-kilter thrashing guitars and unrelentingly abusive vocals; and this is no bad thing. I wouldn’t call myself a Screamo fan, but I would a WhoresWhoresWhores...?

And so the assault on the ear lobes continues throughout the gloriously energetic ‘Nipple Tassles Just Ate My Vibe’ after approximately 60 seconds worth of well, WhoresWhoresWhores and the band fuse together on the vocals to create a truly defining moment. And this is merely track two.

‘Throughout History Millions of People have been able to Connect to God without Wires’; a weird title for a wonderful song. A deceptively Indie beginning immediately luring me not by preference but through confusion, a false sense of security if you will. “FOLLOW YOUR GOD!” rings in my ears for hours afterwards. Ooh-aah...

The second untitled track is rather amazing. 49 seconds of snare drums and drum brushes. Oh they’ve got me.

‘Reverse Werewolf’ continuing the trend as the collective tunefully scream and screech to their heart’s content; but what is this silence in the middle of the track? Not silence, for that wouldn’t be WhoresWhoresWhores. Teasing miniature bashes of guitar until the full frontal attack resumes. And let it.

Penultimate ‘Trees’ sees the boys go all reflective and melancholy on us; however fear not fans as the appropriate last song posing the comedic question ‘Would You Rather We Made Kites?’ is our Screamo heroes back at their best.

Prior to my listening to Unicorn I had thought Screamo was all a load of... but now I truly accept that all forms of art have their worth; and of course this was proven to me by one of Leeds’ finest. WhoresWhoresWhoresRockRockRock.