This is a review of "Dead Skies" recorded by Dusty Not Digital. The review was written by Danny Morris in 2006.

Bradford based Dusty Not Digital are a relatively new band, formed in late 2005 by songwriters Luke Hirst and Lewys Rees, and have already won the Musicians Centre Battle of the Bands, followed by constant hard work and gigging. Their debut 2-track demo (produced by MTV legend Tim G) is a fine example of British rock music at its best. When I first listened to the demo, some obvious influences instantly sprang to mind; Muse, Amplifier, Radiohead and even little known Welsh rockers Midasuno.

The first track, ‘Dead Skies’ opens with a fast electronic drum beat (which sounds a little too familiar to the opening of Oceansize’s single ‘New Pin’), then flows straight into a catchy bass line coupled with Hirst’s strong vocals. The song then accelerates into an explosion of accomplished guitar chords, with the clever addition of church organs, providing more depth to the song and giving it a more dark and ominous tone.

Track 2, ‘Consumed’, is built upon intricate guitar melodies reminiscent of later Cave In songs. Again, ‘Consumed’ builds up into an outburst of sound centred round the chorus, with Hirst’s vocals, at times, on par with Thom Yorke’s tortured, nervous lyrics.

This demo shows huge potential in a band formed less than a year ago. If they sound this good with just two songs actually recorded, Dusty Not Digital may just play an important part in the British music scene in the not too distant future.