This is a review of "20 goto 10" recorded by DanMoFo. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

For those unlucky enough never to have experienced the simple programming pleasures of using a ZX Spectrum the statement “20 goto 10” will have little meaning. Just think of it as the moment at which 1000s of badly dressed 80’s kids realised there was a whole digital world out there yet to be explored by man… even if it did involve making the same rude word appear from top to bottom of your screen. DanMoFo (a duo of Dan’s no less) may have a terrible collective name but nothing could be further from the reality of this their brilliant 2nd album.

This dark acoustic brew is akin to Gomez, Radiohead, Aqualung and the acoustic works of Josh Homme (think Desert Sessions rather than QOTSA). It’s excellent stuff and rarely does the duo put a foot wrong. Tune after tune is well constructed and seasoned with quality ideas, adding flavour and never detracting. Acoustic guitar picks its way around off kilter bass loops while being padded out by distant stoned drums, dressed with electronic clicks and fuzz. “Calm Down” is a masterpiece of brooding understatement while “No I don’t” with its Mandolin hook is sheer 60’s spy movie chic. “Black Lung” dabbles successfully with folktronica ala Tunng and closer “Wake Up” is a cute ending with its phat unrepentant bass line.

Seeing beyond the amateur hour art work and terrible name will offer a surprising and extremely pleasing return.