This is a review of "Childish Thoughts" recorded by Spitfire Charlie. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

These days, releasing CDs more regularly than a wet day in Yorkshire, Spitfire Charlie are no doubt looking to build on their recent 3 minutes of fame found in the hands of Steve Pac-a-mac. The formula is not to dissimilar to previous release “No Need To Fight” and the band's time spent hanging around peers garnering angular hi-hat and guitar chopping sounds appears to have rubbed off. What comes across most from these 3 blasts is the visceral energy and by the end of closing assault “Creeping Round My Backdoor” it’s almost possible to feel the sweat forming on the walls. Having been to night school at the well-attended Urchin Rock High and passed the prerequisite courses in “Trendy second hand leather jackets”, “Tousled hair”, “Libertines guitar sounds” and “Advanced hi-hat abuse” you might be forgiven for believing that the Spitfires will blur seamlessly into a scene filled with other graduates culturing the same big ideas. What makes the difference in this instance is the born to sing gravely tones of John Roberts who having attended extra classes in singing Blues-Rock makes most of his contemporaries seem rather weedy by comparison. He truly comes to his fore right from the off belting out the chorus on title track “Childish Thoughts”. The only thing lacking here is a big hook, but that will come and in the meantime 3 cracking tunes for getting sweaty to is no bad thing.