This article was published in 2006.

A community-run radio station hits the air on Monday in Leeds, featuring 7 days of music and chat, all picked and presented by young people from Leeds.

Lifeforce FM will broadcast on 107.2FM from Monday 3rd July through to Sunday 9th July, 9am to midnight. You’ll be able to hear it if you live within 5 kilometres of Host Media Centre in Chapeltown. You can also listen online at

The radio station is run by Lifeforce Productions, based at Host. It will feature 7 days of chat, music and documentary produced by local young people. The focus will be on local unsigned, unreleased music, and issues of interest to young people.

Pete Ashton, from Lifeforce, says “This is a real community project. Local young people have been involved at every stage. The content that they’ve come up is great. LifeForce FM is going to be by the people for the people of Leeds!”