This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by These Monsters. The review was written by Luke Ramsden in 2006.

If the Gods listened to music, you know post-rock would be their tipple of choice. At times it can be the absolute pinnacle of musical accomplishment. Whether it’s the Zeus qualities of a 65daysofstatic or a more Aries-esque Explosions In The Sky saunter, post-rock can be breathtaking. If there was a God of Jazz, he’d probably opt for These Monsters.

This is a fantastic EP, mesmerising in its delivery of, at times, fairly hefty guitars and drums combined with an almost lounge lizard laidback accompaniment of brass instruments. These Monsters are very rarely content with just meandering, instead they always seem to have a purpose, always heading in the right direction. Whether merely sustaining a thought or feeling or building towards a suitably fine conclusion.

These Monsters have post-rock sussed.