This is a review of "Words & Numbers" recorded by Rob Nichols. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

“Words & Numbers” is the first single to be lifted from Nichols’ new album “Small beer”. Handed the award for Open-Mic Performer of the year at this year’s Independent Leeds Music Awards it might be fair to expect something a little more daring from this release. Nichols inhabits a musical landscape coloured by the likes of Neil Young but where the roads are very straight, the windows smartly dressed and the clothes are worn for comfort rather than fashion. In a Leeds Scene swamped with bands and artists attempting to stand out from the crowd by their hairstyle, stupid spelling of their name, flouting for grammar and the way they pass their instruments through a mangle it is ironic that Nichols should be so noticeable by his completely average country tinged rock. Not average in a disparaging way but in the way that would make him comfortable fodder for the conservative listeners to Radio 2. Technically smart and well crafted songs but totally tired territory where the ruts in the road are so deep it is hard to distinguish one foot print from another.