This is an archive of the band profile for The Paper Tiger Sound.

The Paper Tiger Sound is a transatlantic project created in 2006 by Dan Gelder who is from England's Eastern shore. Hailing from the Eastern shores of Canada, Kerstin Wilson later joined when both Dan and Kerstin were living in Leeds later that year. They now function as a long distance duo and occasionally get together for tea and a chat. Aside from their free single, album and ep releases, they have recorded for the Hungry Audio label, Shifty Disco label and the Egress Label. Their EP "tiny robot love" is available for free from The Last Days are Taking Forever is available through the Hungry Audio label, and can be purchased via itunes, amazon, emusic, etc. Their latest album 'Atlantic Wires' is available from

They are currently travelling from here to there, taking pictures, filming things, and recording new music. occasionally they talk to each other. sometimes they write letters..