This is a review of "You Know I Love You" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Dru Pearcy in 2006.

The latest band flying the flag for the Dance To The Radio label, The Pigeon Detectives’ second single is a high quality slice of sharp, fast, angular indie. Telling simply of a night out/a girl/and the immortal “you know I love you, so take off your clothes... I need to see you care... You’re going down tonight”. This tried-and-tested route to getting your rocks off does battle with an insistent and seductive guitar rift that you just can’t help but rubber up for, and frankly being used has never sounded so right or so good. Forget taking off your clothes, you’ll be peeling off your skin to reach that infectious ache somewhere in your loins by the time this one’s finished with you.