This is a review of "Bronze Demo" recorded by Vatican Jet. The review was written by Luke Ramsden in 2006.

Vatican Jet are a bit special. Verging on special needs special perhaps, but special nevertheless. Opener ‘Olio’ (a ‘spiced stew’ according to the dictionary, might be relevant, might be not) is a completely detached from the realms of normality, nearing on the pompous indie opera tale, culminating in a soaring Pavarotti-esque roar. It is a tune of plenty. The hand crafted demo goes on to encompass all the best parts of the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Mystery Jets to create a rousing example of the fact unique indie music is still out there to be found. The lyrics are no doubt more than a bit tongue in cheek, with the likes of “No hippies at the shops / no trackies at the bus stop / in my fantasy everybody better look like me” in ‘Yobs’ and “The drunk tanks are full of broken hearts” on the drink-to-forget anthem of ‘100% Pain’.

On the evidence of these four tracks, Vatican Jet are armed with some great songs. All very promising stuff.