This is an archive of the band profile for Unspeakable Easels.

Earthkeptwarm and The Gremlin begin collaborating with words, riffs, production and vocalisations. They make songs that are collected onto a demo EP limited to an official pressing of one. Dr Robotnik is headhunted to lend his piano skills and guitar wizardry to an enlivening of such computer tracks. Meanwhile, match extends his mixing into full laptop - and fx-supported turntablism.

Soon the four individuals realise they have become something far greater than a group of friends and housemates playing some of earth and grem's recordings. They are a band! A name is suggested and not countered with anything better. They write songs together. They play gigs. They record an album in their woodhouse basement cellars and even make accompanying word-books and bookmark/art-cards. They join international label-collective, Broken Branch Noise.

Unspeakable Easels arrange and play guitars, samples, voices, keyboards, percussion, bass, programming, scratches and occasional noiseboxes to make their songs. They play hiphop, punk, post-rock, rap, electronica, prog, trip-hop, spoken word, folk, jazz, lounge, metal and some silly sub-genres they made up themselves. (They like to try new things.)

Unspeakable Easels Have now released their new album titled Air Wonder Stories..