This article was published in 2006.

With the majority of the Topman Unsigned Stage line up revealed last week, attention turned tonight to the announcement for the annual Futuresound competition.

An established feature on the Leeds music calendar, Futuresound 2006 again played host to thirty of the region‘s bands, each battling it out for one of six slots at this year‘s Leeds Festival. With 10 gigs over the summer, each attended by industry judges, the quality of the bands was high and the competition to play on a line up that includes Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand and Muse fierce.

The overall winner of Futuresound 2006 are Breaking The Illusion, a band that provide “an innovative blend of heavy beats, hi-brow humour and cross-genre melodies”. The band will make an appearance on the Carling Stage.

The five bands that will make an appearance on the Topman Unsigned Stage are The Hair, Sky Larkin, Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames, Vessels and Dead Disco.