This is a review of "Dynamo Mercurial" recorded by The Somatics. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2006.

Insert the second album from Leeds’ band The Somatics. Turn volume to a loud but enjoyable seven point five. Press play. Close eyes and imagine a large, luscious green field.

It’s 1970, it’s summer, and you are at the Isle of Wight Festival. You are no longer an office based worker. You are, what is affectionately known as, a hippy.

As the sun sets you stare at the stars becoming clear in the luscious red sky. In your blissed out state you feel the effects of the acid you took a few minutes earlier taking hold of your senses. Your arms held aloft, stretched open-wide like a soaring eagle, you spin round and round in an awkward circle, happy to be alive.

Beautiful harmonies ring through your ears taking you higher and higher. Pounding drums rock your head from side-to-side. Crashing guitars throw your body around like a writhing animal. Your brain pulses then pulses again. You are lost in a trance of complete and utter ecstasy.


Christ! I’m only on track three and already openers Mercury Rising and Elemental have sent me into the most amazing trance of pure, unadulterated, hedonistic happiness.



[Some time later]

Spin… spin… spin… spin…


Urrr… I feel like I’ve lost several days of my life. But I’ve only been out for a little less than an hour.

I’m completely sober on a dull Sunday afternoon and The Somatics have taken me to another world through their stunning mystical and psychedelic retro pop.

If this album had been released 30 years ago it would have made The Somatics legends. It really is that good.

Right, I’m off for another hit…