This is a review of "Set The Cameras Rollin'" recorded by The Hit and Runs. The review was written by Russell Leeming in 2006.

"Pissed up in a nightclub, and I'll probably nip your arse and my mate will probably get his out..."

Well whaddya know? The Rakes have had a steaming coke fuelled sex session with Gazza and half of Essex, thus creating this everyday tale of smut that would put Emmerdale sex bomb Alan Turner to shame.

This, of course is a lie (apart from the Alan Turner sex bomb bit). What we have here is Bradford's finest indie cuisine, The Hit and Runs. 'Set The Cameras Rollin' is a four track EP from a band that has only existed since the turn of the year. It's a charming effort, but shows clear indication of a band in their early stages. The title track is a catchy Arctic Monkeys meets The Libertines ramble (with the vocals provided by Steptoe), but elects to stay in safe territory rather than attempt originality.

Thankfully, 'Square One' is light years ahead of its predecessor. A drunken Yokal chorus of "a-ho-ho" could make even the most monklike of OAPs jump off their stairlift and rave like Jack Sugden at the annual Woolpack line dance.

Track three arrives and it's mushy ballad time, and the Shed Seven (lock up your children!) dirge of 'Hell Starts Today' is as bog standard as they come. "I can't do anything to stop my life falling away/ I guess hell starts today" whines singer Maguire, probably over more than a few gins. Ahh. Poor lamb. Thankfully, the prospect of hell is averted with the back to life closer, 'Up And Go'. It begins sounding like Interpol's 'Evil' being altered to accomodate for the new Takeshi's castle soundtrack. "I don't need you / so why don't you leave me alone" sneers Maguire in this, his kiss off to the fast fading Eastenders. Probably. It's a decent tune, not particularly interesting or one I'd go back to, but does however hint at mass tuneage to come and an increasingly promising future. It's nice. Like Gloria Hunniford.

Anyone for tennis?