This is a review of "This Globe Can Be Upgraded" recorded by The Stations. The review was written by Tim Canfer in 2006.

With catchy songs, bold lyrics and raw vocals The Stations’ second EP stands firmly in the category of “New-wave Indie”, (as opposed to “Shoegazeing”, 90s-style Indie). The performances are great and the band’s energy leaps out of the speakers.

The opening track ‘Premadonna’ comes out guns blazing, with the drive of The Automatic and the edginess of Maximo Park. It is a long song and might be too much if it weren’t for its dynamics and the furious ‘Keith Moon playing Indie rock’ drumming.

Track two ‘The Backroom’ is another solid track, but starts off sounding maybe a little too much like the Artic Monkeys. It is sparser than Premadonna and gives more room for the bass guitar to underpin the song, while the vocals are suitably loose and live sounding.

The third song ‘Sensitive nites’ is my personal favourite of the EP. It continues in pleasingly up-tempo fashion, but rocks out an extra notch. It sounds like the band are really enjoying themselves, opening up and experimenting with their sound.

The last track ‘Cry’ heads into Razorlight territory. The drums stumble a little before getting into some pretty cool double kick action. The guitar(s) ring with loads of spring reverb and interestingly swing from Razorlight to an almost Pixies sound.

On the whole, the EP is not helped by a muddy, bottom heavy mix, partly due to too much bass on the guitars and, if anything, it sounds a bit too much like a mix of the previously mentioned bands to be truly unique.

However, the obvious quality of the songs and the energy of the band are apparent; this EP shows a band with some serious potential, they can obviously play and have a load of gigs on the horizon. If you like new-wave Indie (and there seems to be a few people who do…) you’d do well to check this EP out – and keep an eye on the future of The Stations.