This is an archive of the band profile for Noonakai.

Noonakai. The mad but tender ramblings of a harmless fool expressed in musical form.

The songs are created in a series of secret laboratories and sent out into the world for the solace of a few devotees of Wallace Stevens' 'The Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock'.

Noonakai believe in obtuse band biographies and camembert cheese.

Noonakai is: Irfan Shah and... whoever comes along. On record so far - Joe Crofton, Karen Pirie, Sally Hossack, Richard Cross, Marv, Roni Szpakowski, Heidi Fisher and Joel Green.

The last single - All My Journeys... "Sumptuous and Sapphic, and sadly destined to be overlooked by the radio stations which is a shame because Noonakai have in-built airwave-friendliness. I hope I'm wrong and their dreams come true." (Wide Open Road)

The new single - Dislocated... Available on itunes; amazon; emusic; napster;rhapsody; spotify etc.. and soon to be out as a shiny new vinyl release!.