This is a review of "Well, Well, Well, Three Holes in the Ground" recorded by Itch. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2006.

Itch’s Mike Milner has the biggest mouth in Leeds. Not that he slags people off or anything. He just uses it to scream unbelievably, painfully, loud.

Not that it’s a voice that’s painful to listen to. No, no. But it makes you feel pain, sadness. It’s just so melancholy, so heart wrenching and so jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Anyway, he has the biggest mouth in Leeds. You should go see it because Itch are one of the most underrated, yet one of the most magnificent bands around this ‘I can’t believe there are so many talented musicians living in this’ town.

Part of the Big Scary Monsters label (which has at one time or another brought us Jeniferever, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and Secondsmile) they have a magic blend of glitchy-angular-screamo-all-out-rock-along-beeping-mega-pop.

Songs like “Do You Know What Fear Is?” have been stuck on my iPod since I bought the Engine Room 2005 compilation last year. According to AudioScrobbler there isn’t another song that I’ve listen to more (21 times apparently). And that’s because it’s quite simply stunning.

And does the rest of the album match that songs stunning-ness? Well, very nearly.  “Sleeping Lions” is wonderful because it makes me want to smash things. As does opener “Table Turned”, although I’d also be doing a funny dance at the same time for that one.

Overall the album’s pretty damn good although, after the quality of “Do You Know…” (and sometimes I think they’d have only made me perfectly happy if they’d put that song on all ten tracks), I maybe just expected a little bit more from Itch.

They occasionally get a little lost in the cleverness of their glitchy-ness in the song writing department with songs going off on a tangent before getting back to where they should be.  But when I say just a little, I mean just a little. They’re still pretty bloody marvellous and this is a pretty bloody marvellous record.