This is a review of "The Boxroom Tapes Volume 3" recorded by Cardboard Cowboy. The review was written by Tim Hann in 2006.

The latest release from Leeds' Cardboard Cowboy is their third slice of self recorded material straight out of the rehearsal room. The Boxroom Tapes Vol. 3 follows on from their second long player “Shorthand For Love” released in 2005 and this new CD captures the band raw and live with little or no studio trickery.

This three track CD sees the Cowboys tentatively exploring new ground demonstrated by the Libertines influenced “Paycheck” and the Motown-esque “Picture of You”. Second track “Softer Love” is on far more familiar territory with a heavily retro rock influenced sound but it is the first track “Picture of You” which steals the show hands down.

“Picture of You” is an elusive beast for the majority of bands seeking out that pop record which very often is never achieved. But this song has single written all over it. Quality ‘feel good’ summer pop songs are a dying breed but Cardboard Cowboy have tapped into something very special here.

Unfortunately the downside of having a song this good is that it highlights the fact that the other two songs aren’t nearly as strong. They are certainly more than passable but only serve as supporting material for “Picture of You”.

With the previous Box Room Tapes releases serving as tasters for future studio releases Volume 3 definitely wets the appetite for what is yet to come. Album number three should be something worth waiting for.