This is a review of "What Is The Point?" recorded by Piskie Sits. The review was written by Paul Elam in 2006.

According to the press release, this two-track CD I hold in my grubby little hands is the Piskie Sits’ first proper single. Which is odd, because I could’ve sworn that they’ve been around for ages… but it’s odd mainly because this format of short and sharp deliveries suits them so well, I’m amazed they haven’t done it before. The title track is a refreshingly text book example of 3-minute indie pop that takes its cues from a time before the words ‘angular’ or ‘progressive’ came in to fashion (again): it’s charming, it’s got a HUGE singalong chorus (that’s been revolving around the back of my brain for the last two weeks) and it manages to rise above the influences the Piskies wear on their collective sleeve. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can call a track ‘catchy’ without using it as a euphemism for ‘irritating shite’, and What Is The Point? succeeds in being both catchy and ace. Bravo I say. Bravo.

The B-side Jelly Ring is a let down after the sleepy eyed charm of its high achieving sibling. There’s nothing wrong with it particularly, but yet there’s a distinct feeling of being timeworn and confused, as if it’s been over-played by a band that have fallen out of love with their own song, and now they’re just trying to get through it as quickly as possible. Even with a good wash and brush up it’s never going to shine too brightly, but I’m hoping that What Is The Point? is a more accurate taster of the Piskie Sits soon to be with us album.