This is an archive of the band profile for Danbert Nobacon.

Danbert Nobacon was a founding member of Chumbawamba, and full time operative for 22 years (Jan 1982- Dec 2004). He had a parallel solo career in the 1980's, which fell into disrepair when Chumbawamba became a full time concern in 1992.

When the full electric Chumbawamba went into deep freeze at the end of 2004 Nobacon began writing a history book (entitled, Smart Lies, Secret Wars and Rock 'n' Roll). He quickly fell back into solo performances and some of the research for the book quickly infiltrated the songs and spoken word pieces of his live performances. The book is ongoing.

He is also writing a musical centered on an alter ego Johnny Woebegone, which has been described as a a curious mix between Kurt Vonnegut and Raymond Chandler. A spoken word album to be released in 2008 charts the darkest corners and side conversations of the Bush-Blair years, evolving pieces from which have featured in the live shows over the past three years.

The music is off kilter, adrift at sea somewhere in the Northern Atlantic, a mix of European folk, alt country, blues, punk and lounge noir. The spoken word is Nobacon engaged in dark, humourous and sometimes plainly terrifying conversations with ghosts, past, present and future, who inhabit the corridors and back alleys of power.

Nobacon now lives in Washington State in the USA, having lived in Leeds, Yorkshire, Northern England, for the previous 27 years, and in Burnley, where he was born, until he was 18..