This is a review of "The Interesting Inept Music Thing" recorded by Blah Blah Tin. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Home produced and bearing all the hall marks of it Blah Blah Tin are not here to trouble the charts, but instead to do exactly as they please with a drum machine, synth, dirty guitar and big collection of records by The Fall. As the rule goes it is very hard to be inspired by the likes of The Fall and not sound as if you are trying to be The Fall. Not too dissimilar to other Leeds ranters Farming Incident, BBT will quickly divide their audience between those that get it and those that hate it. But ignoring the style, what of the substance? This 9 song experiment is hit and miss, “More Together” and “Alarmed” get it right, the latter even comes dangerously close to a sing along chorus. Sadly though the wit and comic sentiments of most of the tracks struggle to get through and the dead pan vocals don’t carry enough punch or venom when needed. “Leeds Needs” was no doubt a good idea on paper but ends up sounding like the leakage from a pair of headphones on the bus. “Liberal” pinches The Fall’s dirtiest of bass sounds but a lack of spring in its step reveals a lack of ideas rather than a general alternative. Closer “Steve Lamacq” which pokes “fun” at the DJ for not being, shall we say… the band’s favourite person, ends up sounding a little bitter rather than humorous which was probably the original intention. They’d scare the pants of the young gig going audiences of the now, but Blah Blah Tin may also fail to do enough to impress the beard stroking oldies still to be found hanging on Mark E Smith’s every word.