This is a review of "Can't Go Back" recorded by Armstrong. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Sometimes you wish you could though, go back that is. Back to the moment before putting on the CD would be a good start. There’s no denying Armstrong have plenty of showbiz energy and from the promotional crowd surfing shots, an army of eager mates appreciative of how rock used to be. However, is it really a plus point to describe yourself as the band Busted wish they had been? At a guess that would be Fightstar and they are far removed from this saccharin safe zone of rock usually occupied by Bon Jovi and other such stalwarts of the unadventurous. But if you are young, have a Toni and Guy hair cut, a bottle of bleach and some nose snarling attitude it’s easy to forget the big cock rockers who came before (see Welsh bores Lost Prophets). As a song “Can’t Go Back” is as unremarkable as it is uninventive but that is probably more the fault of the genre than the band. It clenches its fist to its chest and tries to adopt some cred by borrowing a tired booming old bit of chugga chug from the lockers of Metalica but to little avail. Consummate performers at doing what they do and promoting themselves, Armstrong have drive and ambition. But two quotes that stand out from a rather random biog “Attracting representatives from Fierce Panda” and “Jesus I was not expecting that”, when put together offer an alternative angle on the truth.