This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Aeon Scream. The review was written by Suzie Mitchell in 2006.

The first song on the Aeon Scream demo is ‘She’s So Easy’ and it gets straight down to business, no faffing around with lengthy boring intros and is frankly a breath of fresh air. Immediate thoughts were that this band remind simultaneously of The Clash and Jet. Hmmm. The guitars are rolling and thrashing and the energy in the music is immediately evident from the outset. It is a perfect first song for a demo as it is attention grabbing and begs to be played at full volume. Definitely a take notice song. The lyrics are cheeky and a bit of a wink and a nod to the lads however in places I found them bordering on sexist, not too much so but in places they did make me frown a bit as I wasn’t exactly sure what the band are trying to say but I had a fair idea and I’m not really sure if I liked it or not. In places the rhythm is Libertines-esque, it is racing and boisterous and makes you wish that you’re watching them live so you can shout the lyrics back at the band and the loud simplicity of the chorus turns out to be quite a good thing. Quite good really.

‘When You’re Talking To Me’ has a splendid drums only intro that sends a message that this is a song that you’re going to be clapping along with. Again it reminds you, slightly, of The Libertines with a hint of The Strokes. However it turns out to be a little disappointing after ‘She’s So Easy’ it isn’t half as rousing and it might be down to the lyrics which seem to be sung a tad flat and monotone compared with the boisterous shout-a-long vocals of the first song. It might benefit from a little more production and it’s not very often I say that. ‘When You’re Talking To Me’ reminded me of The Seahorses but just wasn’t nearly as good.

The third and final song on the demo is ‘Time I gave’. The intro reminded me of The Killers and on the whole, of Keane’s recent ‘Is It Any Wonder?’ which I’m sure will horrify the band, I think it was down to the high, soaring guitar riffs. This is a more emotive song than the first two due to the correlation between the melody and lyrics which are good if a little underdeveloped. I can imagine the stage lights being turned up and surging out as the chorus comes crashing in.

All in all Aeon Scream might have to step up their game a bit if they want to compete seriously with some of the current fantastic guitar bands in Leeds, let alone the rest of the country. Having said that I’d be very interested to see them play live as the music often has an intensity and seriousness which suggests that the band are a passionate group of young men and gives me the sneaking suspicion that they might just be a bloody good live act.