This is a review of "That Dreaded Monster What If" recorded by Kid iD. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2006.

Bright young things Kid iD charmingly fuse a clean living blend of acoustic blues and folk, occasionally tinkering with bordering genres to mixed effect. Main man Ralph Pelleymounter (no, that is his name) has a voice that will make mums sigh and has that Jamie Cullum meets David Gray quality. The chances are that last sentence either described your worst nightmare or your dream combination. The worst nightmare scenario isn’t helped by the occasional lyrical dip from naïve to plain blunt ugly as on the horrible Sofa Statistics. The idea of being just candid to be quirky really is one to be avoided. When Kid iD get it right such as on the sprightly Rat Race they show qualities akin to The Coral or Mull Historical Society but those lyrical trip ups are never far away. “Imprints” is a muso’s heaven but despite its fiddly cleverness it shouldn’t leave the casual listener cold. “Slow Silk Moon” is a terrific gem with its implored chorus, soft harmonies and delicate string section, while “Satisfied” has more David Gray qualities even nicking a drum rush or two from his “Babylon”. The musical talent at work gives the band confidence musically and composition skills few of their peers will be able to muster, but the soul at times is a bit wet behind the ears. Occasional worrying wanderings into funk and dub are not the wisest choice but this is an ambitious and in the main impressive long playing debut.