This is a review of "Automatic" recorded by Dead Disco. The review was written by Lisa Farrell in 2006.

“Automatic” is the third single to be released by Leeds über cool, all girl trio Dead Disco, their first on the well-respected label Fierce Panda, and the last single the label will ever release, concentrating solely on albums in the future. Given the legacy of artists who have released singles on the Fierce Panda label – Coldplay, Ash and Death Cab for Cutie to name a few, can Dead Disco give this ‘end of an era’ for the label the dignity it deserves?

In a word, yes. Listening to “Automatic”, I feel I have entered a time capsule and returned to a time when confident and sassy girl groups were the face of the cutting edge music scene. Combining elements of the modern phenomena of new wave, indie, and electro-pop, and armed with a new weapon of choice – the synthesizer – Dead Disco sound like Blondie for the digital age.

“Automatic” has a nonchalant brilliance to it, an effortlessly sassy piece of dance-floor worthy electro-pop delivered in a ‘couldn’t care less’ style that is so cool it hurts. Lead singer Victoria seduces you with her hushed, blasé vocals, emanating an air of intrigue and mystery. Set against a background of electric guitars and synthesizers, “Automatic” fuses the sound of eighties female punk pop with Killers-esque modern-day indie. The result – an irresistible feast of confident and audacious electro-pop proving their disco is anything but dead.

Featuring a remix of “Automatic” that sounds like a collision between the Human League and the Bravery, and “Too Late”, a feisty male-bashing number with a hypnotic harmonic opening and furiously captivating choruses, Dead Disco have proven themselves once again as an essential component of the burgeoning Leeds music scene and a talented act in their own right.