This is a review of "White Gold" recorded by Mickey Charbagz. The review was written by Mark Shahid in 2006.

Here we have four songs of complete ‘Radio 2-ness’. Songs of acoustical charm with a male baritone charm of a voice.

When listened to with pure intent, Mickey Charbagz displays hints of experimentation with various sound sources which sit in the songs modestly and tame the other wise would-be pop prowess.

It is hard to comment on a record that leaves very little to be commented on, but what can be said is it has plush production values and boasts Jack Johnson but in a melancholy manner. Of these four tracks “Night of the Worm” stands out as the most charming as the sweet piece that you would gladly sing your mother asleep to.

The Charbagz vocals run stale before the CD ends and will require a few listens before the ‘walk-away-humming’ factor takes over. There are some interesting soundscapes lurking around the back of these songs as they present folk music with added dimensions. Perhaps a touch too “made-for-the-radio” but cute in the right places.