This is a review of "The Way Back Home" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by John Hepworth in 2006.

As summer goes into slow-dissolve Bodixa bring us their first CD and an opening track called ‘Goodbye Winter’. It might show how confident they are their music can bring a feeling of ease to any situation. The publicity hand-out uses the terms pop and indie-pop preparing the way for a drumbeat as dominant opening sound, before smooth vocals see winter off in a slightly Floydian drift of the tune, then swing us into the new brightness with a kinda-contented agitationless slow rock and roll.

An easeful stretching of the sinews is the key mood. ‘A Room’ also has a sense of daylight pinging about with some uplifting key-change moments, and is followed by the overtly lullaby-like ‘Sing your Bones.’ The final track ‘Nothing to Show’ is a quintessential piece, with Anna Elias’s silky and capable voice and harmonies from Emily Norton keeping a slow bossa nova at bay (just too disruptive to a pre-existing state of tranquillity, we assume). Here as at other points the adeptness of the instruments and some pleasing vocal manoeuvring deliver such comfort that even the lines ‘It’s ruined you, but this is your world’ seem to picture a state of total satisfaction.