This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Window Right. The review was written by Colin Burrill in 2006.

It’s not often bands can claim the hearts of their legendary idols without actually officially releasing anything. However, this three-piece band already claim to have a big fan in the shape of former Can member Damo Suzuki.

After forming in Huddersfield in 2004 and releasing their first demo The Window Right went on to support the legendary Damo Suzuki in Huddersfield. This 3 track demo is product of their latest studio work.

The first track on the demo “Ohne Titel” features a nice trip-hop drum rhythm with subtle electronics that quickly breaks down into an experimental jazz/electronics feast that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Venetian Snares record. The track builds slowly to become an epic post-rock monster with walls of wailing guitar. The 2nd track “Diagram 8” is more of a sluggish electronic beast with plodding drums and the 3rd and final track on the demo “The Bow Song” opens with noisy, gnarling feedback that gives the track a somewhat false identity. The song fluctuates into slow moving post-rock track with a combination of epic and howling guitar arrangements.

The Window Right are certainly a band with a great deal of promise, you can sense their hunger for experimentation, they have the ability to fuse different genres and provide interesting arrangements in the process, and whilst their is definitely room for improvement in the production department, it shall be interesting to see how these guys develop.