This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Kram. The review was written by Scott Lewis in 2006.

Jack Peat is a fairy. He used to be the drummer in Kram but as they were offered a record contract for one single he bottled out and wanted to focus on University. It may only have been one single but who expects bands to start off their careers with multi-million 5-album deals and the keys to the city? The only thing that needs concentrating on in Uni is drinking, sleeping (around if possible) and putting off getting a ‘real’ job.

Kram have since regrouped and returned with a new drummer and after support slots with Yourcodenameis:milo, This Et Al and ¡Forward, Russia! are back to feed you more of their ‘powerful energetic rock’. ‘Maze’ kicks off proceedings with a pounding bass and drum combo with the guitar lending the highlights. Confident vocals with strong lyrics impress. ‘Headlights and Headlines’ has a guitar riff sounding slightly like the Doves or U2 but the vocals are straight from the school of Thom Yorke. It could fit on The Bends and is a further signal of intent. Things really get interesting when ‘Somethingism’ starts up. With an early Queen Of The Stone Age riff and another great vocal performance. ‘Garden’ has more choppy guitar and strange effects sloping over the top of the intro. It sounds slightly lazy and is the only song that lacks any real passion. ’Pluarist’ brings back some interest and has another guitar line that would fit on The Bends. The layering of vocals makes the whole thing sound extremely powerful and the drums work overtime to force home the track. Final song ‘Escapade’ has similar Yorke/Matt Bellamy vocals and drives home the demo well. It could do with a trim to keep the best stuff on and have the others as internet tracks but on the whole it a great sign for the future.

Previous comparisons with Sonic Youth and Nirvana are far from the mark on this showing. There are obvious nods to Radiohead and Muse but also an originality in it all. These boys have an immense live reputation and these songs would sound amazing blasted out in front of your booze filled face. Go see them while they’re local.