This is a review of "One Chance" recorded by Nerve Engine. The review was written by Daniel Powell in 2006.

When the press release for this CD stomped its way into my hands promising “two tracks of blistering, balls out rock” I was understandably excited. What I can say in defence of that statement is, that while not entirely true, it demonstrates the sheer confidence of a band that are, quite rightly, on the cusp of something massive. Nerve Engine are one of those bands that pop up from time to time in the press, gathering fair to middling reviews playing UK toilet venues, all the while steadily building a solid fan base for their particularly British brand of metal. What first struck me about this release is how clean it sounds. For a band of this size to have such a crisp sounding record is invaluable. The songs are great, they sound fantastic and the packaging is a nice touch, soon enough someone will surely take notice.

The band excel in providing solid slices of American influenced metalcore, whilst not as heavy as some of their US contemporaries, Nerve Engine do have a nice line in catchy choruses, soaring anthems such as lead off track “One Chance” prove they can make a decent racket, without slipping into faux American accents or unnecessary whining. There’s also a face melting guitar solo in there for good measure too, the crushing guitar work here weighing in as a violent antidote to the indie epidemic gripping the nation at present.

The ‘woe is me’ approach is thankfully kept at bay throughout second and final track “Never see me fall”, showing us this time that whatever the Welsh can do, we can do better. A storming closer if ever there was one, the track romps through four minutes plus of Funeral for a Friend esque metallic beauty, more subtly so than on the previous track, yet no less enthralling.

All in all, this single is a great introduction to a great British band. Fans of metal and rock should have plenty to sink their teeth into with this especially if you’re looking for a quality home-grown alternative. Great band, great songs, great potential.