This is a review of "When I Left Work Today" recorded by The Acutes. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2006.

The Acutes declare – “As far as reviews are concerned… whether they're good or bad, as soon as you start paying attention to them that’s it, you're finished”.

Fair enough, although sending a CD out for review with a snazzy typed out press release, holding a single launch party and touting your music to the online masses is probably not the best way of avoiding reviews. So suck it and see, you feckin got one.

And it will be one of those affirmative ones as well, as The Acutes hold a torch to all I love about music. “When I left work today” is a scruffy bitch of a tune, which could and maybe should become a Cockpit dance-along soon. David Kitchen providing the frolicsome vocals to Matthew Shallcross’ country-esque skins. Bounding along like Tigger on acid, somewhere finding a musical crossbreed of Dolly Parton and Wayne Coyne. Lo-fi country beats with sprinklings of offbeat guitar and Sig. Kitchen’s southern drawl that would make George W proud.

“The man in me” slows down to an acoustic canter. Melancholy wispy vocals ala Billy Corgan perch atop a strident melody, again the marching band’s snare rat-a-tat’s the whole thing along nicely… shag me, is that a cowbell? I am fastly becoming affectionate for these rascals.

The Acutes don’t care what I say, and that in itself is c’est la vie. However the rest of you must listen up, these cats can play. Get your grubby mits on their CD and get yer lazy asses down to see them.