This is a review of "Cadence" recorded by Black Noise Choir. The review was written by Callum Fitzpatrick in 2006.

Alternative. Alternative is a term used so often today that it begins to lose all meaning, but when I came across this track it was like it had become crystal, because that’s exactly what this Leeds 6-piece are.  It becomes clear that this isn’t a band that just get together, knock out a few riffs and ‘slap’ a vocal on top. No. Instead, they opt to concentrate on complex chord sequences and intricate harmonies that are bound to make you quiver.

Strong, emotional vocal line, sung with real passion that pulls you in and refuses to let you switch to your Des O’Connor Greatest Hits collection, as much as you may want to. Atmospheric guitar parts that echo through your veins. Congos to give it  what could only be described as a flamenco twist. Combined with a concrete rhythm section that completes the jigsaw.