This is a review of "But Inside I'm Dancing" recorded by Above Them. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2006.

Angry, shouty, emo rock comes at you from your speakers. Rip me up, burn me up and tear me fucking down! Precision guitars, bass and drums pelt at you with awesome accuracy and their chugging guitars blow a rocket through your aching forehead.

This is Above Them. West Yorkshire’s version of Biffy Clyro. Biffy Clyro jnr if you like as they’re only 19 or so. From Ponty (land of dreams) they’ve been rocking stages in and around Leeds for a while now with some pretty prestigious bands. Blowing most of them off stage I presume.

Sometimes sounding a little too much like the highlights of their heroes' careers (the best of Biffy, At The Drive In, Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons) Above Them still manage to drag new passion and anger out of an already passionate and angry genre.

Their most impressive attribute is their meticulous technique and powerful roar as they propel themselves from your speakers with their fuzzing overdrive, pounding bass lines and screaming vocals. Not forgetting the energy of every nuclear power station in Japan.

Listen to them now before they burn themselves out.