This is an archive of the band profile for Blue Sky Project.

Concocted deep in 2003 in response to a deficit of ambitious or interesting music, Blue Sky Project is the brainchild of Leeds-based solo artist and ex-Mr. Charming bass player Lewis Denby. Originally incorporating both Denby and Lemons and Limes singer Daniel Hill, Blue Sky Project's first iteration was in the form of a fifteen-track, highly experimental album entitled 'Research', distributed freely to anybody who asked for a copy. Driven by passion and experimentation as opposed to perfection, 'Research' was a largely well-received piece of work, receiving praise for its scope and variety.

Fast-forward three years and Blue Sky Project has changed. Hill is no longer working on the project, having chosen to focus on his primary band. Accompanying Denby is a trio of accomplished musicians, notably Ajanta's Alex Greaves on drums, but also Joe Wingfield, an eclectic, experimental guitar player, and Anthony Wright, a seasoned master of the four-string. While the full-band Blue Sky Project is still in its early stages, the four have big ideas and strong ambitions for the project..