This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by If I Were King. The review was written by Harry Johns in 2006.

The problem with having seven people in your band, all wanting a bit of the musical pie and having their own bit of limelight, means that unless your influences are sturdily in place and stay there, everything can come across a little irregular for the listener. In other words, too many musical cooks don’t necessarily spoil the broth; they just make it difficult to secure a style that a band in their infancy should allow their listeners to rely on.

In fairness, I haven’t got a lot to go on with the ambiguous art-work and the narcissistic “press-cuttings” slip but I’ll guess that some of these guys listen to ...Trail of Dead-type stuff, some listen to more modern Hell Is For Heroes-type stuff and someone listens to The Feeling. Sounds like a nice mix on paper but it results in a three-track demo of three completely different sounding songs with no stand-out theme or edge of originality. Opener “This Slow” has a really cool, heavy ...Trail of Dead broodiness but doesn’t really go anywhere exciting, Knock Me Out is where they go all safety-conscious rock on us before ending with the immediate juxtaposition of the previous efforts Cauterise, which has a kind of mid-90s Symposium thing going on.

It probably all sounds ace live but this demo hasn’t captured anything to really latch onto as a listener and If I Were King could do with roughly choosing a sound and sticking to it.