This is a review of "Four" recorded by Spring. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2002.

The CD from Spring was quite a mixed bag because there were 10 tracks on here. The 1st track, "Not At The Same Time", was a blast from the past because at the start I half expected Mick Jagger to come out dancing! It reminded me of a Rolling Stones track (sorry guys!) due to its "lead" guitar work. That might have worked 20 years ago but in this day and age there isn't any need, in my mind anyway, for a lead guitar all over a track! Not a very good opener.

Track 2, "Cross The Line", started off well with nice strummed chords until, yep you guessed it, lead guitar again 10 seconds into the track! Not just a nice little solo, a great big flashy distorted solo. A very good track though, but again the 2nd guitar spoilt it. Track 3, "I'll Be Around", was a very good track which I likened to The Pogues because of its strange vocal melodies. Track 4, "To Belong", was quite a good track which started off with a quite eastern guitar melody, and was getting to become a quite a good track until the return of... yes the dreaded lead guitar!! Track 5 onwards completely uninspired me, I'm sorry to say.

Spring have the makings of a good band but they need to ditch the lead guitar lines or be destined to play the likes of the Frog And Toad for the rest of their days. Pint anyone?