This article was published in 2006.

The idea behind the Brainwash Festival is simple: to bring together the finest artists this country has to offer. As the festival's organisers said to Leeds Music Scene, “This festival isn't about agency agendas, and isn't about favours. It's about handpicking the bands we love from Leeds, and putting them on with the bands we love from outside of the city.”

All profits from Brainwash Festival will be going to Oxfam.

Taking place on the 20th, 21st and 22nd October, the festival will feature over thirty bands and will be spread across two of Leeds' core live music venues, Brudenell Social Club and Royal Park Cellars. Bands will run one after the other, so when one finishes in the Brudenell, another starts in the Royal Park Cellars and as the venues are next door to each other, you'll be able to see every artist on the bill!

Tickets cost £6 (day) or £15 (all three days) you can enjoy the following artists.

Friday line up (so far): Oceansize, Red Stars Parade, These Monsters, Vessels, Immune, Rose Kemp, Brenda, Concentration Champ, Humanfly, WhoresWhoresWhores, It Takes Bridges.

Saturday: This Et Al, Bilge Pump, thisGIRL, You Slut!, Dive Dive, Breakneck Static, Monster Killed By Laser, The Lucida Console, Piskie Sits, Let Our Enemies Beware, twentysixfeet, Sky Larkin, Downdime, Signuls, Kylie Minoise, Glissando.

Sunday: iLiKETRAiNS, Foals, We Vs Death, Napoleon IIIrd, Itch, From The Shards Of Comets!, Quack Quack, All My Friends Are Dead, Lupen Crook, Samuel Beer, Paul Marshall, Mickey Charbagz, Tiger MCs, Fran Rodgers, Little Lee, Octoberman, Belt Motel, Danny Pig, Chris Molyneux, Chris Mcmath, Rowena Harris.