This is an archive of the band profile for Gerry McNeice.

I'm a singer-songwriter and have been for a while. I write songs about me, the people and things around me, people I meet, stuff I care about and sometimes I just make up stories. I am currently into folk music (thanks primarily to Kate Rusby) but I actually like all sorts of music (like a contestant on PopMaster).

Like many people my age I am influenced by The Beatles. Having an older sister and brother and growing up in the 1960s meant I heard a lot of music my peers either never heard or have forgotton about.

My first band was (typically) formed in school. From then on until 1997 I was in one band or another. A number of those bands have featured my life partner and love of my life, Ani. She writes some of the songs I now sing in my solo act.

In 2000 Ani and I released our CD, Audiographs, which was well received by our peers and loyal fan base alike. Due to demand we 're-released' it in 2005. Here are a couple reviews plus some kind words about me....

A worthwhile record with great setting of lyrics and some strong tunes; songs worthy of Billy Bragg. Also impressive, and not to be overlooked, those melodic, varied and in no way self-indulgent guitar solos! Ben Walker, singer-songwiter

An accomplished piece of work, and one which I have played over several times for its pure entertainment value. Gerry's voice rises above a variety of different arrangements to deliver the message of the songs without effort. Jim Lawton, Tykes Magazine

Exceptional and talented! Mike Thrussell, Big 3

A singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and all-round talented guy - and a very nice bloke to boot! Claire Mooney, singer-songwiter

A hard to pigeon-hole talent. Gerry's songs are superbly written, show great insight are are subtly melodic. A great purveyor of traditional songs also, Gerry has to be seen! Black Sheep Masham Music Festival programme

Nice arrangements and well crafted songs Richard Clay, Mulberry Blue

2005 was a year of musical highlights for me, both as a music fan and performer. We attended the Cambridge Folk Festival in July. The programme was packed with people we really wanted to see, although it would not have mattered; we had such a fantastic time. In September of the same year I played the Otley Folk Festival sharing the bill with some fantastic performers: Karine Polwart, Spiers and Boden, Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, Entropy, The (fabulous) Hall Brothers and Gerry Cooper to name but a few.

Fresh Radio's Loz Budd is an ambassador for unsigned bands and singers in our area and he regularly invites performers onto his Sunday Evening Session show. I appeared on the show in December 2005 (and more recently on 07/05/06 with Clair) and had a great old time. I was chuffed to bits when Together Forever made it to Number 26 in the Fresh Radio 2005 Chart.

So here we are in 2006. The new CD-EP, Crazy World, is out now and available at gigs and you can also catch me playing a number of instruments - though not at the same time - with Otley-based morris side Flash Company..