This is a review of "Drop The Decade" recorded by Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames. The review was written by Lisa Farrell in 2006.

Leeds' Dance to the Radio recruits Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames join the domination of New Yorkshire over the current music scene with latest release Drop the Decade. The song has a menacing, anarchic tone running through it as if they are summoning some kind of force to join them in their quest for domination. And after a listen, you will be powerless to resist. Beginning ominously with a solo twangy guitar, it grows into a fast and furious monster of the high quality that justifies their place on acclaimed label DTTR. SYEAYBIF marry elements of post-punk, metal and indie-rock to craft an aggressive, confident and terrifyingly brilliant sound in Drop the Decade that belies their relative newcomer status. Once again proving that the buzz surrounding the New Yorkshire music scene is well and truly justified, it seems there is no stopping this great county as it continues to spawn brilliant acts such as SYEAYBIF. Watch out Britain, and the rest of the world for that, Yorkshire is coming to get you.