This is an archive of the band profile for Flawless Attitude.

Flawless Attitude, originally named 'Forbidden Guitars', was formed by Jahn and Shane in 2006. It started with the pair of them just jamming together, trying to come up with songs. They were soon joined by rhythm guitarist Eric, who was eventually asked to leave because of lack of commitment to the band.

Good friend Ozzy joined the line-up to take up bass guitar duties, but was also asked to leave for similar reasons to Eric's.

Jahn got in touch with a friend of his from work named Danny, and asked if he would be interested in playing drums in the band. Danny still wasn't a confident player considering he was still in the learning process, so he pointed Jahn in the direction of his older brother Lee, who subsequently joined Flawless Attitude as drummer. Another friend Shaun was asked to join as rhythm guitarist.

Now all that was missing was a new bassist, so Lee told Jahn about his mate Dave. Jahn was happy to try Dave out and so Lee asked him if he would like to join. Dave accepted the offer, and so Flawless Attitude was now a full band line-up.

Around the end of July 2006, Shaun was asked to leave the band; the reason for this being that he had a negative attitude towards the band that was just inevitably holding Flawless Attitude back. The weak link was soon replaced by the band's new rhythm guitarist Nathan, this has been the permanent line-up for a while now so all is lookin' good.

Now booking gigs whenever possible, Flawless Attitude have commenced their journey to entertain every motherfucker on the planet. Well, at least those into classic-rock/punk/metal music.

Lineup: Dave (bass/vocals), Lee (drums/vocals), Shane (lead vocals), Jahn (lead guitar), Naybo (rhythm guitar)..