This is a review of "The Hitman EP" recorded by Uptight. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

Mod's back and comes in the capable hands of Leeds sharply cut Uptight. This four track EP is a gem of slicing guitar and nasal growling vocals. It is always a pleasure to be sent a CD that I can put on and actually listen to and forget that I am meant to be reviewing it because I am enjoying it so much.

Frontmen Simon and Jonny share the duties on vocals and having listened to Roger Daltery being interviewed on the radio the other day, I am reminded of just where these guys are getting their ideas. The Who tracks that were being played still sounded fresh and it is this that Uptight have managed to capture while still pulling off that classic MOD guitar/organ sound.

I have to say (and I know it'll cause piss taking in the ranks of the band) but I definitely have a preferred one of the two vocalists...who? I don't know as they are not credited, but the energy of the vocals on track 2 'The Hitman From Detroit Is On His Way' sells itself.

In these days of nu-metal, effected indie rock, acoustic mumbling wailing types it is ironically refreshing to be faced with something that although so obviously retro, is brimming with loads of great ideas.

Opener 'Nothing But Nothing' is pleasing and displays all the band's talents. Track 2 'THFDIOHW" as I have mentioned, is a blinder. 'The Grass Is Greener' is the band's only weaker moment with a slightly laboured chorus, but as with all good things they save the best to last with the 2:51 mins of sheer subtle genius that is 'The Midnight Howls' and heading straight onto my latest compilation tape for the car.

You hear a lot of hype at the minute around Leeds about bands who (in my opinion) are not that good - to say I had heard nothing about Uptight is a real shame because if there was hype around these guys then it really would have some substance.